Tinkersoft Cybercafe Suite (TSCCS) is a true solution for cybercafe to Save Cost, Low Maintenance, Free Server OS License, Easier Maintenance and Free From Viruses. TSCCS is a result of daily experinces and problems solving in the past 4 years since 2009.

TSCCS runs on normal computer hardware with speed of server hardware, this save huge cost for server hardware and easier replacement is the part failed. Full set of server could cost as low as MYR3000 (USD920) that can support up to 40 diskless computers at the same time.

TSCCS is a Complete System for Cybercafe:

  • FREE Server OS Licensing : runs on Linux Server instead of Window Server, thus cut huge cost for server license!
  • Billing Built-in : save cost from buying expensive billing software. No hassle to install or update software!
  • Web-based : the best part is Billing and Game Menu is web-based. Update is automatically and you can access billing from any devices from anywhere!!!
  • Auto-Update : no installation or update required. TSCCS is self-update with main server.
  • Save Software Costs : TSCCS is the only thing that you need. Check on Photos & Videos for more information.
  • Immune to Viruses : server runs on linux and it is virus free. If the client computer is infected with virus, just reboot it to revert it back to normal.
  • Support Different Hardware : TSCCS runs on almost any hardware out there. Just to be sure, check our hardware compability list here
  • Low Maintenance : unless the computer hardware faulty, the client computer has no maintenance at all. No format, no cloning and no cleaning viruses. Hassle FREE!
  • Games : Games Menu, Save Game Management is built-in and also web-based. New games is updated automatically (required good internet connection)
  • OS Hardened : Windows XP and Windows 7 already tweaked for speed, gaming and stability. No skill or experience required because we already did this for you.
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